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Durable, Fresh Colour Schemes Available

HS BASSETT washroom is a fantastic range of Toilet cubicles, Vanity units, Integrated Plumbing Systems (IPS), and Aquamura Wall Panel Boarding.

Available in a wide range of colours and materials, whatever combination you choose, your washroom solution will be made to measure, to your exact requirements.

Various price options are available to suit your budget, from low price melamine finishes to compact laminate, and solid surface design.

Browse our collection below, and get in touch to discuss the options available with our experienced team, and get a free quotation.

Toilet Cubicles

We offer a number of different ranges within the toilet cubicle collection to satisfy the different requirements of your projects.


HPL available in a range of different colours and finishes, bonded to a moisture resistant (MR) core, this range offers a cost effective, versatile washroom.

  • 20mm thick doors and partitions
  • 38mm pilasters, square edged or post formed
  • SAA, Stainless steel or black finish ironmongery available
  • 150mm legs, allowing for a standard gap between the floor and cubicle


Where ever a hard-wearing product is needed, the compact laminate range, being a solid composite product, is the perfect solution, it is fully waterproof, tough and durable, for the most testing of environments.

  • Available in thicknesses of 12.5mm and 20mm
  • Fantastic range of colours available
  • Black core
  • Profiled edge
  • Black ironmongery to match the black core, but stainless-steel finish also available.
  • 150mm legs, allowing for a standard gap between the floor and cubicle


This range is becoming more and more popular and provides an elegant finish in a washroom, almost wall like with the doors finishing flush to the pilasters, and minimal gaps all around. This cubicle is floor to ceiling, and has rebated doors, to create the flush finish.

  • Available in both HPL and compact grade laminate
  • Vast range of colours to match your project
  • SAA, Stainless steel and black ironmongery available


Colourful and fun cubicles to create a bright and exciting place. The shaped doors, bright and funky pilasters, and colourful handles and hinges, all add up to make the room stimulating and appealing. Doors can be offered in any colour you choose, and other scenes and school logos can be depicted onto the doors or pilasters.


If the standard options above do not quite meet your requirements, then contact us now to discuss possible options and designs, from shaped doors and pilasters, to printed cubicles, to a mix match of materials. Our design team will go through the options and advise on standard sheet sizes, possible issues, etc, and produce drawings for the potential ideas to ensure you get exactly what you require.


Vanity Units

Vanity units to match the cubicle colour scheme are available in high pressure laminate or compact grade. HS Bassett can also provide a solid surface vanity option, in a standard vanity unit design, or a more bespoke design, with large wash troughs being a popular option.


A vanity unit with a post formed top, matching the cubicle colour scheme will enhance any washroom area. Both the upstand and the drop-front can be seamlessly formed in the laminate, for ease of cleaning and a superior appearance. A base unit can be fitted with removable access panels, with a security clip mechanism, for the tradesmen to easily reach the plumbing for maintenance and repair as required.

The sink arrangement can be sat in the middle of the unit, with the vanity surface fully surrounding the sink, or the sink can be mounted to overhang the vanity surface at the front, which ever suits the style and look of your project.


As with the HPL option, A compact vanity unit matching the colour scheme of the cubicles will enhance the look of the washroom. The solid composite nature of the product ensures a tough durable vanity surface in the harsh washroom environment. This option cannot be post formed, but will be supplied with profiled edges.

As with the HPL the sink arrangement can be sat in the middle of the vanity surface, or to the front edge. The compact grade also has the option of an under slung sink, thanks to the solid composite material withstanding water penetration.


HS Bassett is excited to offer the solid surface vanity unit option. We can supply corian, hanex, hi max and staron, and we will shape and fabricate the sheets to suit your desired design. Please get in touch and discuss this option with our team, who will provide guidance on the shapes and designs possible.


Integrated Plumbing System (IPS)

HS Bassett supplies IPS panelling and shadow gapping to match customers requirements. All made to measure, with dimensions taken from a site visit by one of our team.

IPS can be supplied as a complete pre-formed unit, or in kit form, as panels and shadow gap material to clad your own framework.

  • Ideal for concealing plumbing systems behind toilet cubicles and urinals.
  • Available in a variety of colours to match the rest of your washroom collection
  • high-pressure laminate (square edge or post formed) or compact grade.
  • Panels can be fixed or removable, using hidden clips, and hinged and lockable panel options are available.

Our team can also supply framework drawings for the shadow gapping and panels to fix too, by working with the customer, and making site visits to take onsite measurements.

Contact us to discuss your options and requirements.

Wall Panelling

We are proud to offer AQUAMURA wall panelling as an option for the washroom collection.

This is a range of competitively priced laminated wall boards, perfect for any areas where a tough, washable surface is required. AQUAMURA also offers a superb finish to the washroom, and bathrooms in the home situation, as a cost-effective alternative to tiling. They have been widely used in hospitals, clubs, schools and colleges, for shower cubicles, washrooms, changing rooms, kitchens – Where ever a hygienic surface is specified.

Please visit the AQUAMURA website http://www.aquamura.co.uk , where you can peruse the many beautiful patterns, and request large sized samples, posted to you within 48 hours.


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